Polyurethane Foam Injection in Fort Myers

Polyurethane Foam Injection in Fort Myers

A polyurethane foam injection specialist should always be called at the first sign of damage when dealing with foundation issues. The following can ruin your home’s value and make it a visual eyesore, including cracks on the foundation, walls that buckle, and floors that sag. The damage to your home will only worsen if it threatens the structural integrity of your house—preventing further structural damage and costlier repairs can save you time and money in the long run. Fort Myers Foundation Repair provides free foundation inspections that identify the degree of damage, what caused it, and the best possible solution at its source.

Building with concrete has some advantages, but it is resistant to cracking, shifts, and crumbles over time. Shifting, heaving, erosive forces, and many other factors could lead to a concrete structure’s material cracking and becoming dangerous if not repaired. Providing polyurethane foam injection to you in situations like these is a quick and affordable solution. No destructive demolition or high costs are required for a foam injection by polyurethane. Any problem no matter how small or large may be, we are committed to providing you with a quality solution with safety and integrity at the forefront of what we do, while also ensuring it is delivered on time.

How We Can Help!

Based in Fort Myers, Florida, we are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured foundation company. There are many services we offer, including:

  • Concrete Lifting
  • Concrete Patio Lifting
  • Driveway Lifting
  • And More Polyurethane Foam Injection Services!

Many property owners in the Fort Myers area have used our polyurethane foam injection services since we started providing these services. Our foundation repair company fixes foundations in a professional, fast, and cost-effective way. Our polyurethane foam injection services can be quoted completely free.

Concrete Lifting

Concrete raises much more economically using Fort Myers Foundation Repair’s polyurethane foam than it does by replacing it with concrete. Furthermore, it is exponentially faster than replacing concrete. As soon as the repair is completed, the restored areas are ready to be used. Easy application of polyurethane, as well as easy cleanup over traditional mudjacking with grout, is a distinct advantage.

Concrete Patio Lifting

Patio slabs can settle due to a number of reasons, resulting in cracks and uneven surfaces. There are a lot of reasons for these issues, including soil washout, improper drainage, expansive soils, soil vibrating, and compaction, among many others. Regardless of the cause, we offer a solution to lifting concrete patios that is fast, effective, and can spare you from buying a new driveway.

Driveway Lifting

Is the sidewalk uneven or is the driveway cracked when you look outside your window? Concrete driveway slabs at Fort Myers Foundation Repair are lifted using polyurethane foam. Injections of polyurethane foam are installed with a simple four-step concrete lifting process that creates a level, safe, and secure slab.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your free polyurethane foam injection service quote today. In order to provide you with polyurethane foam injection, as well as commercial foundation repair services, our contractors will visit your property. Our service is here to help, so please don’t hesitate to call at 239-695-7426 to learn more about our services.